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The Crimson Cavalier

“In late 18th century England, a prominent but unpopular man is murdered, apparently by the Crimson Cavalier, a colorful and infamous  highwayman. Georgiana Grey is certain the Cavalier is not to blame, and to her brother Edward's chagrin, sets out to track down the real culprit...”



Love not Poison

“A husband dead in a fire – but was it an accident? A wife hysterical – but is it with grief? The Crimson Cavalier is in search of the truth... “



Criminal Tendencies (Short Story)

“The Crimson Cavalier is back in a short story, 'Hangman', in the Creme de la Crime charity anthology, Criminal Tendencies...”



Debt of Dishonour

“Even a highwayman has friends - sometimes in unexpected places

London society is outraged when charming, popular Boyce Polp is murdered on his way to an evening party”


Crimson Cavalier Criminal Tendencies

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